Cover: Patty Jansen


Dear Readers,

The last weeks have been quite a ride for us. With our guests and contributors being increasingly international, we felt there was room for an English edition of Soul of Street. Working simultaneously on the #44 December issue in German and the #01 in English, we waded through interviews, emails, articles translations and photos, inspired at all times by what our contributors came up with.

The German magazine was born in 2014, more or a less as a merry dreamscape rooted in a shared passion for street photography. And yet, that first idea became a powerful driving force, making Soul of Street the one and only street photography magazine in German. 

Our team has evolved quite a bit over the last months. Our new members brought a fresh wind, new project ideas and a lot of energy. Editorial processes were overhauled, layout brought to the next level and contents requirements revised. Above all, there was and is the joy and pang of pride of seeing it all falling into place.

Our first international edition takes us all around the globe:

Iddo Pedahzur from Israel allows us to get a glimpse at his color infused vision of the world.

Patty Jansen from the Netherlands offers us a fascinating insight into her pattern driven worldview and photography. We are utterly delighted to have one of her photos as our cover for the #01 English edition.

Nuria Medusa Olivares from Spain and living in the USA tells us the moving story behind her portraits of Julien, a Haitian man in New York.

Annette Lang from France lays out a way for photographic self-inspection in her “Critical viewfinder” column.

Adrian Whear from Australia shares his impressions and photos from a trip to and through Bangladesh. 

Andrew J. Campbell’s project about exploring two streets in London again and again is a wonderful contrast and so very exotic in its own way.

Stefano Lista from Italy operates in the very limited space of cruise ships and shares the intriguing stories of its quirky passengers with us.

To finish in beauty,  we are presenting Pauline Ren from Taiwan in five questions, five answers in the HIGH FIVE article.

We are delighted and proud to have you on board and wish you as much pleasure reading the #01 issue as we had compiling it. We are looking forward to your feedback and to growing from your comments.

Nina, Annette & the Soul of Street Team

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